My week with The Ginger Snapped


Album - The Ginger Snapped (2018)

Artist - Jinkx Monsoon

Suggested by - Natasha @StudioChai

So full disclosure I was thrilled when my friend Natasha suggested The Ginger Snapped by Jinkx Monsoon for me to listen to, one of the reasons why I wanted to start this blog was to listen to music that I wouldn’t normally go this first album is a bit of a cheat because it’s absolutely something I would listen to on my own.

As a 30-something year old gay living in London not only am I familiar with Jinkx from her time on RuPaul’s Drag Race but I’ve actually been lucky enough to see her live performing her fantastic show The Vaudevillians . 

So onto the album. My first listen wasn’t in ideal surroundings, it was a rainy Monday morning and I was stuck on a crowded bus taking me to work. You know what, it cheered me the hell up! It’s a little bit 90s, a little bit cabaret and a whole lot of fun.

You know life is twice as hard when you’re living half on the stage
— Cartoons and Vodka

On first listen my standouts were Cartoons and Vodka & Sugar Mama. As with all Drag Race alums there are nods and call outs to other queens, catchphrases galore are featured in opening track What’s On and Jinkx name drops like never before on Friends. 

My first weekly album coincided with a few days away to Disneyland Paris, had a load of fun seeing my family and running around the (freezing cold) theme park.  Luckily a trip on the Eurostar and an hour long wander around Lille gave me loads of time to have several more listens to Jinkx.

Turns out a song about the outdated gender binary and finding a happy place in the middle of pink & blue is great to listen to as you wander around in France. Just Me (The Gender Binary Blues) is gonna be a welcome addition to any Jinkx live show.

The album features three guest artists joining Jinkx on very different tracks. Fred Schneider of the B-52’s Lends his trademark weirdo-camp vocal stylings to She’s Evil. The song is a  sales pitch and warning for the modern woman doll,I could listen to Fred say “thanks for nothing Julie Newmar!” on repeat for days. The second collab is with Amanda Palmer, she and Jinkx sing about their shared love of men in bands…any kind of bands really, they aren’t fussy. The last, and my favourite, of the collab tracks is Pianoman featuring Lady Rizo. The song finds Jinkx and Lady Rizo remembering a love connection gone wrong.

After a good few listens the sweet spot of the album for me is the stretch from Sugar Mama through to the end. The 5 song stretch that makes up the back half of the album is pretty perfect.

I fell in love with my pianoman, what a mistake what an evil plan
— Pianoman (feat. Lady Rizo)

The album finishes with an audio clip of RuPaul herself declaring Jinkx America’s next drag superstar. While many of her drag sisters have tried to craft a legitimate career in music, Jinkx is one of a small handful that have succeeded (Along with Alaska & Willam). 

So week one over and I’ve got a new album to add to my rotation. If you’re ever in the mood to listen to a drag superstar croon about life, love & lethargy then I’d highly recommend The Ginger Snapped.