My neighbour Hisaishi.

Tokyo Concert.jpg

Album - The Tokyo Concert (2008)

Artist - Joe Hisaishi

Suggested by - Davi @weather_turning

I really should have recognised the name Joe Hisaishi but I didn't. For those of you who don't know I am 100% a nerd, a big old anime loving nerd at that! Studio Ghibli movies have been one of my pop culture touchstones for years now. Joe Hisaishi is the composer for some of the most well known (and internationally successful) Studio Ghibli movies. From My Neighbour Totoro, to Spirited Away and beyond Hisaishi's scores have provided the lush, playful backdrop that compliments they action that Ghibli films are known for. So I'm a little embarrassed that I didn't recognise Hisaishi's name immediately.

The Tokyo Concert is the first album of my "Album A Week" project that is completely instrumental. So it's been weird to go through my week and not end up with a load of songs that I can sing along to! Which is maybe a bit of a blessing for the people closest to me....let's face it, nobody really needs to hear me give a rendition of anything at random points during the day.

So this has really acted more like a soundtrack to my comings and goings (re: my daily commute through West London) than the rest of the stuff I've been listening to. It's funny how a nice piece of orchestral music can elevate an otherwise drab bus ride. I've always enjoyed the fact that music can transport you to other worlds. This album contains pieces from Spirited Away, Brother and a few other anime titles. I have to be honest there were more than a few points that I was daydreaming about witches, Japanese onsen, dragons and weird woodland creatures........while I was stuck in traffic.

My one criticism (and you know I don't really do criticism as it's not the point of this project) is that I have an overwhelming urge to listen to some of his full on soundtracks. The 4 Spirited Away tracks made me long for more, and my daydreaming of Ghibli worlds continued.

A big takeaway from this week is that I should introduce some more instrumental music into my life, maybe it doesn't have to be film scores there are a million different things it could be (Nine Inch Nails GHOSTS I'm looking at you!) It does something different to my brain than music with lyrics. It's a little easier to get completely lost in....even if I can't sing along.

Also I'd like to say a big thanks to everyone who has been sending in suggestions for albums I should listen to. Rest assured my list is building! Thanks for reading.