And now for an interlude.

You may have noticed that I haven't put an Album A Week blog post up this week yet, I have no particular excuse other than life has kind of gotten in the way. I am still listening to Ben Folds Five and will be writing about it....just a little late!

Over the past week I've been distracted by doing a whole bunch of not amazingly productive things which I am more than happy to do from time to time. One of the things has been adding a new section to the website. If any of you know me you'll know that I'm a big Tori Amos fan and that I've done a bit of travelling to see her on tour over the years. I've always enjoyed the idea of having a little personal archive of photos, setlists and memories from each of the tours. Well I bought myself a website so why not have it on here! Precious Things 2005-2017 is the bit of the site dedicated to all this. I know this may not be of any interest to anyone but me so I'm not going to be talking about it a great deal but I'm going to be filling in some of the gaps over the next month or so with writeups for each of the tours I went on. If you wanna have a little look at the seciton it's linked below.

I've also been doing a bit of faffing around on Instagram. If you read my post about the Fischerspooner album SIR you'll know that I really loved it, so when I saw that they were giving away their logo for people to use to create things with I jumped at the chance. I decided to use some old photos I took to make pictures that I think fit the down and dirty feel of the album. Out of this came the SIR series three pictures that I'm pretty proud of, all made by me!

I get that it's not exactly PG-13, but I made it so I wanted to share it.

I've also done a bit of a "Throwback Thursday" with a few shots of Paris In Pink from 3 different trips I have taken to Paris over the years. No real reason for this other than I enjoy Paris and I think it looks pretty good in pink.

I'm considering throwing up a few more bits of photography in the blog, god knows my Google Photos account is full to bursting with stuff. I've got a bunch of photos that I'm really proud of, and if I'm honest a bunch of crap tourist shots that I love just as much...

So that's a little bit of a life update from me, thanks again for reading...can't believe I'm already on my 7th album the time has gone pretty quickly. What I've enjoyed is the spread of stuff that I've had to listen to, the project has more than lived up to what I was hoping. I'm now hoping to drop in some more little blog posts like this with stuff that doesn't sit within the "Album A Week" project concept.