You intrigue me Sir.

Fischerspooner Sir.jpg


Album - Sir (2017)

Artist - Fischerspooner

Suggested by - Simon @_robotboy

Happy Easter I guess? Is that something people even say? Regardless, I know that if Jesus really did rise from the dead after 3 days he'd be thrilled for me to be celebrating that with the dark, gay, electro-filth that is Sir by Fischerspooner.

Sir, please respond
I swear I’ll never let it happen again
— Stranger Strange

I had never really thought just how rare it is for gay love and (explicitly sexual) desire to be sang about so this is a fucking revelation! Sir sounds like the end of a long night on a dance floor somewhere in Vauxhall, and while that might not be exactly my cup of tea in real life (because really who the hell wants to be off their face in XXL struggling to find a taxi at shade, it's just not for me) I cannot get enough of this album.

If you know me then you probably know that I'm quite a big fan of Nine Inch Nails, their dark and crunchy textures is something I've always really enjoyed. Sir is like the gay brother of a Nine Inch Nails album, less angry and industrial, more horny and cruising the darkroom.

Butterscotch Sundays I’m a mess
Puppy dog tails now, I must confess
Bring me to muddy puddles if I regress
Pull me back, sit me up and kiss me
— Butterscotch Goddam

Another slightly secret love of mine is R.E.M. and specifically Michael Stipe. He's such a gay musical icon and his producing/writing contribution explains the consistent vision of the album. I've read a few reviews of this (which is something I don't generally do with the Album A Week) and was surprised to read the mixed opinions that are out there. I think the general consensus is that the album is repetitive...I mean ok, but I disagree. Sure the musical pallet on display is limited, but I genuinely think it's in service of a cohesive story.

I don’t know exactly what to call it but I wouldn’t call it pain
— Discreet

There are so many earworms on this that have got stuck in my head over the past week. From the pleas to "Sir" on Stranger Strange to the acts described in detail on Togetherness I've strutting along to the rhythm unconsciously each morning on the way to work. I gotta confess that the whole atmosphere of the album instantly makes me think of the iconic men of Tom of Finland, maybe this is what it's such a great motivational album for when I'm sweating on a treadmill and lifting heavy things at the gym. I will never get that Tom of Finland physique but dammit Sir helps fool me into thinking I could.

I like to think that I've got a pretty good knowledge of gay pop culture, but I'm always happy when I find something I don't know about  so I can learn more. Fischerspooner is one for my further reading pile. In the short week I've had with them I've learned a little but am desperate to know more. From their performance art beginnings to how they've switched from being a commentary on entertainment to producing legitimate entertainment. Fischerspooner have created something great, Sir intrigues me.