Well hi...and maybe bye?

Been sat with a Blog post in "DRAFTS" for a good 3 weeks. Just a few points to note.

  1. I am aware that this post is more than a little overdue
  2. This post is not about an album, well spotted!
  3. My life has gotten in the way...but that's ok
  4. We will get through this together

A surprising amount has happened in the last month and a bit, including but not limited to me getting a new job, buying a ticket to see Kylie Minogue, playing Pokemon GO again more than is acceptable for someone of my age, giving up my Apple Music subscription and rediscovering a love for White Magnums.

So I guess I'll start with the biggest thing, my new job! At the beginning of July I'll be leaving my current position as office monkey for a "comfort footwear" brand (yes I'm aware how stupid that sounds) to go and be an office monkey for a more upscale department store that has always been a bit of a London landmark. To say that I'm excited about the new challenge, and the upcoming employee discount that will kick in around month 3, is a massive understatement! For a bit of added context, it will be almost exactly 1 year since the end of my 10 year stint as shop-monkey then office-monkey for a big blue box of an American fashion retailer. Timing right?!

Nextly my Apple Music subscription has lapsed...but who cares? It was clunky and annoying, but it helped me get the music I needed, when I needed it. Spotify is my new king, annoyingly placed Ads and all! So this also sort of means that my original focus of doing an album a week is kind of dead. I'll still listen to music, I'll still write about music, I'll still take suggestions of music from anyone and everyone who wants to send it my way however it won't be the sole focus of my blog.

I've given the site a bit of a facelift...the homepage is simpler and the Tori section has been completed apart from a few thoughts/photos from a few tours that are still to come.

If you're reading this, thanks for sticking with me and if you stop because I'm not writing about music with each post thanks for coming this far, it's been fun.

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