So there's been a heat wave through July and now in to August. It's spectacularly hot, but unlike a trip to Disney World I have very little air conditioned spaces that I can retreat to.

The first 4 weeks in the new job have flown by much quicker than I expected them to. The job is as busy and interesting as I'd hoped it would be. It's weird to have a job as engaging as this after so long. Is this what having job satisfaction feels like?

In the short break between leaving my old job and starting this one I took a trip to Belfast to visit the family. It's always fun to get to spend a bit of rest and relaxation time with them, and any time spent running around getting tortured by my nephew is quality time in my opinion. While I was in Belfast I raided my old desktop computer that lives at my parent's house....and I found an absolutely astounding amount of old photos from my school days and the "lost years" between uni and my move to London.

Amongst all of the photos I found a bunch from the American Doll Posse tour that I will be putting up in the next few days, I also found a bunch from other gigs that I'd been to like seeing the Scissor Sisters, Muse and even my very first time seeing Madonna on the Reinvention Tour....these are all things I thought I'd lost over the years and are definitely going to be making an appearance on my Instagram at some point for a #tbt !

Hope you're all surviving the heat.