The Chase

Composer: David Jayden Anthony

Orchestration: Hey Pete Productions, Noel Jasso

Video Editing: David Jayden Anthony

This piece was written on a laptop at a coffee shop 15 years ago. I needed a video game portfolio piece so I sent this to my brilliant orchestrator. (Still needs sound effects!)

Contemporary Musical Theatre Composition

Amirican Dream A New Musical


Amirican Dream: An immigration story about a creative Iranian. A Middle-Eastern Hamilton / Traditional Musical.

F**Ked Up Fairy Tales


What if the fairy tale stories collided with a queer twist. Jack and the Giant are in love with a King Midas / Trump Flare. 

Chaturbate the Musical


Dreams of making it to broadway with a Chaturbate Day job. * Explicit Lyrics due to content. 


A one woman show about Florence Mills, the first African American comedy star, starring Jonelle Allen. 

Disney / Theatrical

Share My Voice

Genre: Disney

Lyrics by Ken Offricht
Orchestration by Noel Jasso

This piece was written for a children’s book in England.

EDM / Dance

Not My Truth

Music: David Jayden Anthony
Lyrics: Jonelle Allen

This piece was originally written for a musical. I then turned this into a dance / EDM track as a class assignment for Berklee. Click here to hear the original version.

Our Loves Lethal

Music and Lyrics: David Jayden Anthony

This is another dance / EDM song that wrote as a Berklee assignment.