original sinsuality 2005

I have come with my mustard seed...

2005 turned out to be a beginning of several things for me. Not only did I leave school, but I would go to a gig that would set me on a path to meeting some of my closest friends and eventually my musical idol. This journey would also take me to other countries and see places I may never have been to. 

Tori Amos had been a musician I'd admired for a few years before I finally saw her live in 2005. Her music first truly grabbed me during the Scarlet's Walk period when for some reason it didn't occur to me that I could travel to see her perform. In 2005 she was touring in promotion of The Beekeeper, the tour was solo with Tori travelling with her piano, her synth and a couple of organs. 

Rather recklessly I decided that a weekend trip to London from Belfast was a good idea whilst I was in the middle of finishing off my A-Level exams. A friend and I made the trip across to see Tori, we were treated to a very special show as she was joined on stage for this show only by the London Gospel Singers who backed her on several songs from the latest album.

One other treat that made the night extra special was winning a contest that was run via Tori's website which mean't that my depressing near back-row seats were upgraded to some front row central tickets with the most perfect view imaginable.

tour stats

Tour Format - Tori solo

Shows Seen - 1

Cities Visited - 1

Opening Act - Tom McRae

Highlight - Yes, Anastasia

hammersmith apollo, london

4th june 2005

  • Original Sinsuality
  • Father Lucifer
  • Icicle
  • Mother Revolution*
  • Take To The Sky
  • Yes, Anastasia
  • Bells For Her
  • Father Figure
  • Like A Prayer
  • Winter
  • Cooling
  • Jamaica Inn
  • Witness*
  • The Beekeeper

First Encore

  • Sweet The Sting*
  • Rattlesnakes

Second Encore

  • Hoochie Woman*
  • Hey Jupiter

*performed with the London Gospel Singers