Musical Theatre

Amirican Dream A New Musical

Amirican Dream is a story about Amir, an Iranian immigrant poet making his way to America, dealing with immigration and finding love along the way. This story is VERY loosley based on the Cyrano De Bergerac story.

F**Ked Up Fairy Tales

Blackbird is the story of the first Arican American muiscal comedy star Florence Mills and how she inspired the career and life of tony nominated broadway star Jonelle Allen. (Two Gentlemen of Verona, Hair, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman)

F**ked Up Fairy Tales is a fun story where characters you know all complain about their lives in the Magic Bean bar. Watch Jack and the Giant fall in love, See King Midas (based on the personality flaws of Trump) and other antics as these characters live their day jobs in their separate stories, but come together at night.

David Jayden Anthonycomposer / songwriter / voice teacher

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This video of “The Chase” is an example of film / video game scoring. Heavy use of counterpoint with amazing orchestration by Hey Pete Productions.

Musical Theatrecomposer / songwriter

Here are some shows that have been produced.

Amirican Dream A New Musical

Amirican Dream

F**Ked Up Fairy Tales

F**ked Up Fairy Tales

Chaturbate the Musical

Chaturbate: The Musical


Blackbird: Florence Mills

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Choral Music original music

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